The Gameplay And Design Of Simcity Buildit Have Made Me A Huge Fan

I have always been a big fan of Simcity Buildit for its superb features and designs. As this free to play the game is also compatible with my Android phone, I keep on playing it whenever I get time so much that it has become my favorite pastime. With some added features in its mobile version as compared with the PC cousins, it has kept me glued to it often. It is fun, exciting and a strategic game after all. As it said, the gameplay and the design goes unmatched and unparalleled. The gameplay is what I exactly need to become a successful mayor of my personal city.

simcity buildit future city

The designing of the Simcity Buildit game and the features in it made it easy for me to transform my city into a sprawling metropolis. I had to consider all those important things that any real city requires to survive and sustain which gave me a great feeling as the city’s mayor. The planning of the city had to be perfect, and if I was wrong, then I could be penalized. Keeping this in mind, I remembered not to clutter my city with unnecessary buildings and built my factories and industrial setups far away from the residential buildings.

I also maintained a proper balance of residential buildings with the service buildings like power, water, fire and health services. This gives the Simcity Buildit game its much-required authenticity which attracted many citizens to my city. I found that the game revolved around its prime objective of having the maximum population in the city and that too full of happy citizens. For this, I had to expand and upgrade my residential buildings from time to time to invite more citizens who would pay me more taxes and increase my income.

I found that it is beneficial for the game of Simcity Buildit if I built separate zones for specific purposes like residential zones, commercial zones, and industrial areas. It is always helpful to build the commercial zones in between the residential and industrial zone as it would act as a buffer between them and keep the residential area clean, green and pollution-free. All these buildings need time to build and kept me hooked on with the game for weeks. The features and the design of the gameplay are so useful that I only needed less than an hour each day to keep up with the pace of the game.

The game required service buildings like police stations to provide safety and security to my people, bus stops, and schools so that I could increase my tax and revenue, and also build factories to manufacture key products to sell them in the marketplace to generate resources. Another interesting feature of the game I found is that I could generate unlimited amount of cash by using the simcity buildit hack tool. The multiplayer factor also intrigued me very much as I could visit the cities of other mayors and also sell my products in the global market which is a very effective way to increase my resource available in hand.

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